Sterling Stamp

Insolvency Law

Sterling Stamp knows insolvency law.  A Sterling Stamp lawyer was previously General Counsel of largest credit insurance company in the UK and worldwide and handled every aspect of corporate insolvency.

Sterling Stamp provides expert professional legal and practical business advice relating to any aspect of corporate insolvency, distressed debt situations and including advice relating to schemes of arrangements, reorganisations, receiverships, administrations, compulsory liquidations, members voluntary liquidations and also including advice to directors regarding wrongful trading and other potential offences.

Sterling Stamp provides expert professional legal and practical personal advice pertaining to personal insolvency including bankruptcy petitions, voluntary arrangements with creditors and dealing with all other situations concerning a personal distressed debt situations.

Sterling Stamp also provides expert professional legal advice and guidance to Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and this includes practical advice regarding Retention of Title claims by creditors, dealing with banks and other financiers, and also handling all credit insurance issues.

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