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Our E-Arbitration services cover a lot of areas including negotiations between two parties from different residential countries as part of our international arbitration. Our lawyers are admitted at multiple bars in Europe and provided first-rate legal representation. This goes for countries under English law, Belgium Lat, French law and Moroccan law.

    1. Dispute Resolution

      * Sterling Stamp provides legal, commercial and strategic advice on a wide range of business disputes.

      * We are skilled and experienced negotiators, being as tough or conciliatory as the circumstances require.

      * We aim to manage the litigation process in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner.

    2. International Arbitration

      * Much of our dispute work has an international element, and we handle international arbitrations in London and overseas, English proceedings for foreign clients, and co-ordinate foreign proceedings for UK clients.

      * Our lawyers are admitted to multiple bars in Europe and provide first-rate legal representation for arbitrations under English law, Belgium Law, French law, Morocco law, public international law, and the laws of many other common law and civil law jurisdictions.

      * Our solicitors have served as legal counsel in various commercial, investment and construction arbitrations, for clients including individuals, businesses in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and America.

      * We have strong partnership with law firms in Europe, Qatar and South America

      * Sterling Stamp provides private corporations, investors, state-owned enterprises, and states with a sophisticated international arbitration practice capable of resolving disputes that straddle borders, corporate structures, jurisdictions, cultures, political systems, and treaties. Sterling Stamp offers particular expertise in international commercial arbitration, investment treaty arbitration and multi-jurisdictional disputes.

    3. Islamic Arbitration (Islamic divorce, Inheritance Law & Wills, Commercial arbitration)

      Islamic Divorce

      Sterling Stamp offer access to specialist mediation and arbitration in accordance with Islamic Principles. Our Islamic legal services team arranges Islamic divorce as well as UK divorce. Our experts will also be able to provide advice regarding the Islamic divorce procedure in the context of divorce obtained in the civil courts.

      * If your marriage is not recognised under UK Law but you have made contributions to the family assets, our Lawyers can recover your share under Trust Law.

      * We supply tailor-made Islamic Marriage Contracts, which can incorporate pre-nuptial agreements enforceable under UK Law; as well as a host of other clauses where appropriate.

      Inheritance Disputes

      * With property ownership increasing, the possible issues surrounding inheritance has also increased. The absence of a will or the deceased owning property abroad give rise to complications over the matter of inheritance.

      * Sterling Stamp provides legal advice regarding the shares of the various parties concerned according to Islamic law.

      * Inheritance and will disputes are often caused by the inadequate drafting of the deceased’s will. There may be provisions within the will that are vague or ambiguous which raises questions as to a particular person’s entitlement of the deceased’s estate.

      * Our team provides a service to those wishing to draft a will compliant with Islamic Law. Our experts will ensure that detailed instructions are obtained beforehand regarding all aspects of the estate and a will drafted pursuant to Islamic Law whilst also ensuring that the wishes of the client are included within the will as far as possible.

      Commercial and Civil Arbitration

      * Our team will assist their clients before court proceedings are embarked on.

    4. Commercial, Investment and Construction Arbitration


      * We assist with the drafting and negotiation of clauses including arbitration agreements as well as planning and managing potential future disputes.

      * We guide our clients through the process of negotiation, mediation, adjudication, and conciliation and, when disputes must be contested, we pursue our clients’ goals through every aspect of the arbitration.

      * We combine our knowledge of language, culture, legal doctrine, and industry practice to shape the issues, and use our advocacy skills to artfully advance our clients’ interests.

      Real Estate & Construction

      * We advise clients across the globe on all their construction-related legal needs, from the drafting of tender and project documentation to the resolution of disputes arising out of projects.

      * We offer a single point of contact for project development, contract administration and dispute resolution advice. Many of our lawyers advise on both project development and dispute resolution, giving them a unique understanding of the full life cycle of a construction project.

      * We also advise clients on dispute board proceedings and other forms of intermediate and alternative dispute resolution, as well as on contract administration and the management of claims arising during the course of a project.

    5. Legal Analysis and Representation

      * The best and most competent solicitors are careful to pick and choose which clients they will accept for legal representation. Sometimes, they have no choice but to decline representation, such as where they are unfamiliar with the area of law involved, or where they have ethical conflicts involving other interested parties.

      * In many other instances, however, it is up to their discretion whether they will provide legal services to a potential client.